Survey information is the foundation of any engineering project. Be that civil, structural architectural or utilities. You may not necessarily have the in house capability to process the RAW survey data into CAD and hardcopy formats. We have undertaken this requirement for a number of clients.

Survey Plan Data

We can support your project by taking the RAW survey data, import into our civil tools and produce plan output in formats such as PDF, DWG, DXF, Navisworks, Revit, etc.

Surveying 13

Transforming Survey Data

From the 3d survey data we can produce both a 3d CAD and also a “flattened” 2d CAD file in various CAD output formats.

Have you received yet another flat, 2d survey file?

We have the capability to transform such survey data into an equivalent 3d CAD file. This is undertaken using various tools we have developed. It is inevitable there will also be a certain amount of bespoke tasks required during the conversion process and we have considerable experience working with this traditional form of survey data.

Watershed Analysis

Also known as overland flow modelling, watersheds allow the project team to understand the existing surface water run-off directions. This type of 2d and 3d model can be especially useful to identify catchment areas and streams of water across your site. This tool analyses the behaviour of water flows across the 3d surface model.

This analysis can be really insightful, saving significant investigation time on your project. This can be coupled with catchment boundary analysis to help identify ponding areas and discharge points. Thus highlighting where appropriate infrastructure will be required.

Contour Plans

Do you require something other than your traditional black and white contour plan?

We can, within reason, output the contour data to your particular requirements.

Surface Slope directions

Now here is a tool which is neither widely used or even known of. Yet, present such analysis in either 2d or 3d outputs to a project team and there is no going back. We are able to present the survey data using a series of arrows where the colour reflects the slope/grading of the site. It is also possible to accommodate bespoke configurations which suit your specific needs.

As with most other services offered here, we are able to output as hardcopy as well as 2d/3d digital formats such as DWG, Navisworks, etc. We are also investigating the option to output to Revit file format.

Slope and Depth Analysis

Probably the most commonly requested form of output is depth analysis, otherwise referred to as Isopachyte analysis. This type of analysis reflects a range of elevation heights across the site. We can output this data in a variety of colours and various fill types. The format of delivery can be PDF, 2d & 3d DWG, Navisworks, etc

Sections, Roads & Highways

Our tools and capabilities allow us to offer your project an additional level of detail regarding the existing conditions.

We can generate cross sections wherever you require, as and when. We also offer the ability to model the existing highway conditions to allow you a greater understanding of the highways element of your site. 

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