Construction Phasing

Construction phasing drawings are invariably bespoke. It can take quite some lateral thinking to explain what can be complex engineering phases via pictures and drawings. Kollis CAD is also looking to the future with a view to utilise 4D/5D+ methods and also looking at tools such as Infraworks.

Drainage phasing

We are increasingly asked to produce phasing drawings, specifically for drainage construction, at RIBA Stage 4/5. These bespoke drawings require some skill in order to convey multiple elements of information in a clear way for the contractor to use on-site. They also assist the QTO and costing exercises.

We try to develop as much of our plans directly from 3D models. Thereby the  annotation you see on plan is dynamically extracted from the 3D model, database. When the model changes so does the annotation. Want to change the drawing scale? Once again, no problem. It’s dynamic! we just have to move things around a little to retain legibility.

Those drainage schedules are dynamic whenever possible. Schedules are  generated directly from the 3D drainage model or linked excel data. When the model changes the schedules update.

Highways and Construction phasing

Simple is often the best way to convey the sequence of steps. A bit of the old technical drawing skills, honed on the drawing board, can work best

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