Things we do

Survey information is the foundation of any engineering project. Be that civil, structural, architectural or utilities. You may not necessarily have the in-house capability to process the RAW survey data into CAD and hardcopy formats. We have undertaken this requirement for a number of clients.

We support the civils elements of residential schemes. From small to large, both inner an outer urban.

Understanding the soil strata across your project’s site is an  absolute necessity for the robust design of earthworks, drainage, remediation, utilities, highways and structural foundations

We have experience of various aspects of highway work. From the small residential development to large, highway projects. We can support various planning submissions including Section 278, Section 38, Stopping Up agreements, vehicle tracking investigation, parking layouts, etc. We create 3D BIM models, plans, schedules and detail drawings

Producing 3D models, plans, schedules and detail drawings for drainage projects. We can support inner urban residential developments, highways, rural residential, sewer treatment works and  large scale civil infrastructure projects.

We can provide support to various drainage planning applications such as S30, S104 & S106

Sustainable urban Drainage Schemes (SuDS) are now defacto for drainage schemes. Again, we can provide plans, schedules and details for inner urban, highways and rural residential SuDS schemes. We are also beginning to support 3D BIM model data as the software develops in this field


We support the below ground, utilities modelling for a wide range of projects. From small scale residential to supporting teams on very large infrastructure projects.

We transfer utilities GIS data and plans from hardcopy format into full 3D models.

We utilise a combination of Civil 3D, Revit, Plant 3D and AutoCAD MEP software to achieve the 3D utilities modelling and co-ordination required from our clients, for both existing and proposed scenarios.

Transportation drawings and models can be thought of the art of conveying engineering designs and principles in an easy to understand way. Thus allowing the stakeholders and the public to “get” what is being proposed. 

We have extensive experience within the field of water. We have provided support to all aspects of sewer treatment works. We have undertaken drainage and potable water diversions for major highway projects.

Coastal and maritime modelling of such features as a coastal revetment is undertaken utilising our 3D civil applications. Developments within the 3D applications allow us to generate complex assemblies and also provide volumetric data for our clients

Construction phasing drawings are invariably bespoke. It can take quite some lateral thinking to explain what can be complex engineering phases via pictures and drawings. Kollis CAD is also looking to the future with a view to utilise 4D/5D+ methods using tools such as Infraworks.


We can support the drawings and documentation required for large and small. From the private home owner application to the large drainage and highways applications


We can produce drawings and images for habitat surveys, such as bat & badger, flora and fauna surveys. The importance here is to convey the information in a clear and understandable way. A black and white technical drawing will not suffice.

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